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Uni Popshop is a practical, sustainable entrepreneurial experience with real risks and real profits.


Uni Popshop is a pop-up shop competition that challenges student entrepreneurs to test out their social enterprise ideas and make as much money for their venture as possible in a single day.

You can either sell your own products, created by your team, or you can sell the products of an existing social enterprise. We have a list of UnLtd approved social enterprise products that you can sell, get in touch if you're interested:


Teams of students will be given a £300 start-up loan, a mentor and use of a stall in Spitalfields Traders Market for a day to test out their business ideas.


The competition takes place between Monday 15th June and Wednesday 17th June. Trading takes place at London’s Spitalfields Traders Market. You can Register for updates.

With Whom?

UnLtd partners with the enterprise department within University of Bath Students' Union to make this competition happen.

We are grateful to our 2015 event supporters EY, Spitalfields Traders Market and digital marketing agency The Eleven for making the competition possible.

Why Get Involved?


EY Prize for Highest Overall Profit

The winners will see their total profit match funded by UnLtd and by Enterprise Bath! Not only that, but the winners will spend a day with UnLtd developing their social enterprise into a sustainable business.

UNLTD Prize for Best Social Impact

The 2015 prize is a half-day ‘Social Venture MOT’ which will include a project shaping meeting with an UnLtd Awards Manager, an opportunity to meet inspirational UnLtd Award Winners, and a networking meeting with our CEO, Cliff Prior.

Best Digital Marketing Campaign

The winners of the Digital Marketing campaign will spend a day working with Born Social. The day will start with breakfast with the founders, learning about digital marketing and developing marketing strategies for future work and entrepreneurial endeavours.

What people say

“Selling at pop-up shops allows us to learn from the general public about our products, approach and most importantly, what we are really all about.”

- James Boon, Founder Elephant Branded, Uni Popshop & Google Young Minds Winner 2012

“Nowadays students need more than a good degree when they leave university. This contest shows the true entrepreneurial spirit of today’s students and gives them a great opportunity to test out and develop their leadership, marketing, creativity, financial and problem-solving skills – all vital in enhancing their employability.

Whatever they want to do when they graduate they will learn how to build and run successful businesses. It's a real chance to put theory into practice”

- Siobain Hone, Enterprise Education Manager - Enterprise Bath

“This exciting contest really challenges students to come up with creative and interesting ideas, backed up by business expertise. The result is a week of real-life practical experience leading to greater understanding of what it is to be a social entrepreneur and to improved employment prospects.”

- Ed Hughes, HEFCE Regional Consultant and policy lead on social entrepreneurship

Past Competitions

Uni Popshop 2015

2015 saw 9 student social enterprises trading everything from cheesecake shaped soaps to vintage clothing, fashionable foil tattoos to recycled cement bags, ecological T-shirts to recycled notebooks and much more! The teams were supported by Unltd to advise on their social causes, by Born Social to help the teams convey their social message to their customers, and Santander to assist the students with their finances and auditing.

Entrepreneurial Learning

The students who took part in Uni Popshop 2015 believe that the competition greatly developed their entrepreneurial and business skills. Participants reported an increase in their teamwork, finance, presenting and marketing skills.

Check out the Uni Popshop 2015 highlights below!

Uni Popshop 2015 Awards

Unltd Prize
for Best Social Impact

University of York "Artistic Autistic"
Born Social Prize
for Best Digital Marketing Campaign

University of York "Artistic Autistic"
Enterprise Bath Prize
for Best Visual Merchandising

University of York "Artistic Autistic"

UnLtd Prize
for Highest Overall Profit

Birmingham City University "Current"

Uni Popshop 2014 Awards

Unltd Prize
for Best Social Impact

University of Sheffield "HOPE"
EY Prize
for Highest Overall Profit

University of Exeter "Macaw Designs team"
The Eleven Prize
for Best Digital Marketing Campaign

University of Staffordshire "Staffs Design"

for Best Visual Merchandising

Birmingham City University "Ekipa"

Uni Popshop 2013 Awards

Unltd Prize
for Best Social Impact

University of Exeter "Jollie Socks"
EY Prize
for Highest Overall Profit

Royal Agricultural University "Muddy Wellies"
The Eleven Prize
for Best Digital Marketing Campaign

University of Sheffield "HOPE"

Register your interest in Uni Popshop

If you think you or your institution should take part then please register for more information:


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